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期盼晴朗 July 28, 2009

Posted by ankhtique in 生命, 意見.

this advert isn’t new; in fact, i saw it during the early part of this year.
which made sense since the target audience for the advert was the students from junior colleges who’d just received their ‘A’ level results and mulling over where their results can take them. and of course, this was especially relevant for the module i was reading at the same period; a module called The Social Context of Teaching and Learning. my reaction to it then was a snigger.

and the reason i’m bringing this up again is due to an insightful and reflective article. every student/undergraduate/graduate/anyone who’s prior to making an important decision about their future should read this.

Quitting is a bad word in Singapore. It was co-opted by Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong in 2002 into the phrase ‘quitters and stayers’,[7] which still resonates today. It implies failure, or an abortive attempt that didn’t go anywhere. It goes against the grain of perseverance, forbearance, fortitude and other hallmarks of a good Confucian spirit. But sometimes you need to quit. You need to tell people that I need a break, or enough is enough. Or sometimes: that this is enough for me.

the paragraph above really resonated with me.
mostly because of my recent circumstance, a decision that i made.

even though i assured myself and everyone else around me that i have no regrets, yet at times this self-reassurance wavered.

possibly the idea of ‘quitter’ is subconsciously imbued within me and, obviously, the society. in particular, when the folks panic and remain hush about my decision and current job status to any busybody. being especially touchy about this subject of late, i’d be inclined to feel that they feel ashamed. and disgraced, maybe? as a result, we end up in shouting matches.

i guess i’d need to be able to convince myself first.

one good news has blown away the looming clouds from the overcast skies.
i do hope the sunshine will stay for a long time.



1. jane! - August 2, 2009

we’re all growing up huh. don’t let the society get to you! hugs. you have my support. and i’m sure everything will turn out ok for all of us in the end.

meet up for dinner soon with alex! 🙂

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